No Choice – And Some Still Cannot See LP (Weird Beard)

South Wales stalwarts No Choice have been going for some 40 years, but somehow they have managed to fly under the radar. Hopefully this album will gain them a little more exposure as it certainly deserves to be heard. Any music/ punk collectors out there might recognise the band name as over the decades they have released music on labels as diverse as Riot City, No Idea and Grand Theft Audio – based on the strength of this album it baffles me as to why they have not become a household name. 

On “And Still Some Cannot See”, No Choice distils influences and styles from over the decades to create an upbeat and vibrant album. Personally, this reminds me a lot of Face To Face – strong passionate vocals over fine melodic punk rock. You know, how bands like F2F or Horace Pinker, Milloy or Broccoli took those raw ingredients but cooked up their own unique recipe. That is exactly the case with this album. you know the flavour, but you’ve never quite tasted this exact blend before.

There are a couple of other touches here and there, from “You and Your Mirror” with its little Bruce Foxton style bass interlude, or “More Fool The Man” also starts with a bouncing soul-inspired beat that could easily have led into a Dexys/ Style Council stomper before developing into a melancholic modern classic. It definitely requires a level of maturity to be able to faultlessly combine those influences without remotely sounding contrived. No Choice have delivered a killer album, do yourselves a favour and get on board. Tom Chapman

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  1. Aren’t these an anti-immigration band?

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