New Rochelles – Animal Boy (Hey Pizza!)

Here’s the thing… There\’s only a handful of bands in the world that would even think about covering a Ramones record in its entirety.  And there are only about three of the aforementioned bands who could make that record sound as though the Bruddah’s had blessed them and sprinkled some of their original magic in, and on, the songs. The Young Rochelles are one of those bands, so it’s no wonder that their alter-ego’s, the New Rochelles, have turned in a note perfect tribute to the Ramones with their version of what I consider to be one of the Ramones finest moments,  Animal Boy.

Being a massive fan of both the Ramones and the Rochelles and given that Animal Boy contains four of my favourite bruddah’s tunes (Somebody Put Something In My Drink, Animal Boy, Crummy Stuff and Eat That Rat), right now, I’m kind of thinking that this record could have been recorded for me and me alone. And that’s probably why it’s been on constant rotation for the last four and half hours. The New Rochelles ode to Animal Boy ticks all of my boxes and a few more besides. It’s fast, it’s catchy, I know the songs inside out and back to front and it’s all about the Ramones.  What more could anyone ever want?  Hey ho, let\’s go…. Tim Cundle

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