New Heart – Feel the Change (Blood & Ink)

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I’m not straight edge, have never had the edge and almost certainly never will. But I love, and have always loved, xSxEx Hardcore and while I don’t adhere to the philosophy, I can and do appreciate the message and emotion that fuels the music. New Heart, play fast, furious, driven and intelligent xSxEx Hardcore that’s packed full of sing-a-longs, gang vocals and some of the most incredible breakdowns and mosh parts that I’ve heard in many a moon. Cut from the same cloth as Youth of Today, No For An Answer and Where Fear And Weapons Meet, they would have fit right in, and been more than at home, with the early late eighties Revelation stable of bands and releases. However that doesn’t mean that they’re a retro act or sound dated, they don’t. And that’s because (a) the style of HC that they play is timeless and (b) even if it wasn’t, on Feel the Change New Heart make it sound vital, energetic and more relevant that it’s ever been. Fire up the circle pit and Feel the Change… Tim Cundle

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