My Life in Music… Ev Gold (Guitars/Vocals) Cinema Cinema

Guns N Roses –  Appetite For Destruction \”The album that first blew my mind and turned me on in an obsessive way to music! It was 1987, I was 9 years old and I knew that I wanted to start a band someday\”

Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks \”Johnny Rotten\’s voice/attitude/delivery on top of those really well written songs delivered in perfectly reckless fashion…it\’s amazing! Found a used vinyl copy for $1 when I was 10 years old at a flea market. Didn\’t have any idea of what it sounded like, but knew I had to get it. Best move I made. I wanna be ANARCHY!!!!!\”

Black Sabbath – Paranoid \”Sabbath is so much more than just the birthplace of heavy. The band just cooks. The rhythm section kills it, swinging left and right! Ozzy and Tony delivering the goods across the top! Totally inventing the wheel. I remember getting this album around 6th grade and just listening to it over and over and over again\”

Frank Zappa  – Apostrophe \”My earliest musical memory is my Pop playing me \”St. Alfonzo\’s Pancake Breakfast\” on a small boom box, I am maybe age 2 or 3..? The music was so exciting and engaging, Zappa got me hooked straight outta diapers\”

Philip Glass  – Solo Piano \”Need not say much more than: \”Metamorphosis\” Parts 1 through 5. Just powerful\”

Black Flag  – Damaged \”Life changer for me. Remember specifically loving the guitar work of Ginn. Beautifully unpredictable. And those raw angry Rollins vocals! It started me digging further into the BF catalog and moreover the SST roster where I would find much more inspiration along the way, all generated from the arrival of this album in my life\”

Neil Young –  Decade \”Large portion of my learning how to play guitar was on an acoustic with the songbook for this titanic double record retrospective of Neil\’s output in the 1970\’s. I love everything that Neil does, total devout fan – but this is the holy grail for me\”

Lou Reed –  The Blue Mask \”Guitars by Quine. Venom by Reed. Could have chosen a few different Lou records, but this one flashes real influence on Cinema Cinema\”

Fugazi  – In On The Kill Taker \”The first album I heard from what would become my favorite band, longstanding. All of it is stellar. I remember reading in the liner notes it was recorded at Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara. It was a literal dream come true to record both an EP (2011\’s \”Shoot the Freak\”) and a 2XLP (2012\’s \”Manic Children and the Slow Aggression\”) at Inner Ear with Don early on along our path\”

Swans  – The Glowing Man \”Part of the magic of Swans for me is that there aren\’t proper words to describe what they do. THAT is a magic, a mystique. An essence rare\”

Cinema Cinema release Man Bites Dog via Labelship / Dullest Records on April 28th

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