Monster Magnet – Mindfucker (Napalm Records)

The space lords are back, mother mother. It took some time for this bad boy to land on my doormat and for a while I thought the postman had taken it up the mountain, dropped some acid and got naked before sacrificing a goat. By album number 10, a lot of bands may have projected their creativity into some futuristic sound citing that they’re to push new boundaries in the name of their art. Thankfully, Monster Magnet are not one of those bands. What’s more, with Mindfucker they’ve delved into the past for inspiration, and the results are astounding.

As the needle hits the wax on Rocket Freak which starts Side A, it’s clear that if you were expecting Monster Magnet’s monstrous production with Powertrip tom-toms that pierce a hole in your brain, then you’d be slightly disappointed. This is a leaner affair, but no less meaner. As Soul kicks in, it’s clear that Wyndorf has spent some time kicking out the jams in a Detroit garage with The Stooges’ debut album. That said, by the time we reach the title track and lead single, things are still classic Monster Magnet in terms of hard rock psychedelia with teeth that bite. Lyrically, none more so than on I’m God. I mean, if anyone else were to scream such a claim then we’d be in parody territory with sniggers galore. However, this is Mr. Wyndorf and I’d happily put the needle back to the start and relive Side A all over again… and again… and again…

It’s over the 7 minute mark with Drowing on Side B and if stoner fans were to worry about things going too punk, the spliffs are still creating blims with the track’s relaxed tempo before unloading with venom. On Monolithic Baby! the band took on The Right Stuff; fast-forward 14 years and Robert Calvert is still an influence as Monster Magnet tackle Ejection from the 1974 album Captain Lookheed and the Starfighters. If you ever want a band to rejuvenate a song about Luftwaffe aeroplanes lost in service, then Dave and co. are the boys to do it.

Before two vinyl bonus tracks, When The Hammer Comes Down closes Side C with a powerhouse riff that sounds like Buick MacKane flexing some serious steriod injected muscle. Flip the wax over and you can masturbate over some cool etched art too. Phwoar!

I love proto punk and I love Monster Magnet, so Mindfucker is a perfect blend for my addled brain. It rocks like a bastard and has instantly catapulted itself straight into the 2018 “best of” category. Many will try and imitate but none will get close to the warped New Jersey minds of Monster Magnet. God Says No, I say fucking yes! Ginge Knievil

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