Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Blow It… At Madison’s Quinceanera! (Fat Wreck)

The band who have spent more than a quarter of a century making sure that punk rock doesn’t take itself too seriously by teaching sour-faced old scenesters like me that it’s okay to have a good time, get down with your bad self, and lose your mind while singing along to, and with, everything turned up to eleven punk fuelled high energy covers of pop, mainstream, disco and show tune classics, are back doing what they do best. Putting a mile-wide shit-eating grin on the faces of punks, young and old, the world over with their infectious musical mayhem. 

I mean,I never imagined in my wildest punk rock dreams that I’d get to hear Andrew ‘Pinch’ Pinching, Jon Reis, and CJ Ramone playing nitrous powered covers of ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’’ and Sabbath’s Changes’ and the fact that it’s now a thing has made me happier than a teenager who’s just seen his first pair of boobs up close and had his first beer. And the fact that Me First are still led by one of the best (and funniest) frontmen, and singers, to have ever suited up and punked out, Spike Slawson adds a double of Old Forester to the whole show and makes Blow It… one of the must hear, and have records of the year…  Tim Cundle

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