Masters Of The Universe: Revelation – Kevin Smith/ Rob David/Tim Sheridan/Mindy Lee/Rico Renzi/Deron Bennett (Dark Horse Books)

By now, you should have caught up with the Netflix Masters Of The Universe: Revelation show in all it’s glory, if not, then why not? Kevin Smith and Rob David’s vision for Eternia carried on from the classic 80’s Filmation series He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe and sought to tie up all loose ends and explore unused storylines. Such is the love for the original material, reviews were mixed, but all the elements of the source material were present and correct, and the result represented much more than then just a nostalgia trip for forty-somethings and helped drive the legend of He-Man forward. Now Dark Horse comics are here to add some more meat to the bone so to speak, with the official comic book prequel to the Netflix Series Masters Of The Universe: Revelation. Collecting the four-issue series, Revelations sees He-man set out on a quest to save Randor from a creature with links to the deepest of He-Man’s secrets- the origin of his power sword. The book explores aspects of all our favourite characters revealing previously unknown information about Skeletor as well as origin stories for others, while the ongoing battle for Randor keeps the pace of the book going nicely. It’s also nice to see Teela getting some recognition for her efforts as she is forced to take control of a formidable legacy following the Orlax attack on King Randor.

Every main character gets ample time in the limelight as their somewhat surprising pasts are revealed, while the story itself rolls nicely into the Netflix show itself. Kevin Smith as we know is a gifted writer and is the perfect person to help give the MOTU universe a shot in the arm. Given the familiarity we all have with these characters, bringing them back to life would be no mean feat, but Mindy Lee has done a stellar job in reuniting us with the characters we knew, whilst given them something of an edge for the modern comic book reader. An absolute must for fans of the franchise, Kevin Smith has given new life to an absolutely classic set of characters, that fans old and new can get behind….Chris Andrews

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