Massilia Attack – Bonne Mere


Massilia Attack – Bonne Mere 7\” (Contra)
With their ski masks and balaclavas the identity of this bunch of Marseille hooligans is a closely guarded secret, but if you pay attention to the rumour mill as well as lending an ear to the tunes on here you can definitely here that legendary Marseille oi! band P38 plays a part on here somewhere. The three songs on here are a homage to their hometown, as the band sings about their city, their stadium and team (Olympique Marseille) and the local drink of choice, pastis. Marseille through and through, the songs bring to mind the classic French oi! sounds of bands such as P38 as well as newer bands like Maraboots. I love this sound and these tunes are a perfect blend of singalong anthems and tough skinhead styles. Now all I need to do is pick up a very limited vinyl version of this before my mp3s wear out. Tom Chapman

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