Marvel Platinum Edition: The Definitive X-Men Redux – Various Writers & Artists (Marvel / Panini)

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The latest entry into the Marvel Platinum Collection, where only the best of the best stories are collected, this time focuses on the so called children of the atom-The X-Men. With the emergence of The Avengers in recent years, the collection of mutants created by the dream team of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee have taken a step backward out of the spotlights, at least in terms of the MCU.  But there were periods in Marvel’s history where the success of The X-Men saw Marvel through some tough times and now we can relive some of those iconic stories and characters in this stunning collection.

What comic book fan can forget the introduction of Phoenix and ultimately Jean Grey’s Dark Phoenix-one of the greatest story arcs in comic book history? That’s in here. I mentioned The Avengers earlier, ever wondered who would come out on top if it came down to fisticuffs? Find out here as Iron Man, The Hulk and Captain America put in an appearance in Avengers v X-Men and the original Marvel superhero group, The Fantastic Four also make their presence felt

The stories are told chronologically which shows the growth of the characters, the stories and just how different artists and writers have perceived these well-loved characters from Chris Claremont through to Matthew Rosenberg. Classic artwork from all the Marvel big hitters jumps off the page in the way only Marvel do, so if you are looking for an introduction to the X-Men universe, then you won’t find many better options than X-Men Redux. Likewise if you are a veteran of the series and just want to relive some classic X-Men moments, then this book has got you covered  Chris Andrews


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