Lights Go Out Issue #29 The Star Wars Special / Gadgie #32 Split


Hardcore and Star Wars have always enjoyed a special relationship. I don’t know if it’s the Straight Edge Vegan crowd identifying with the simplistic lifestyle of Obi Wan Kenobi or could it be that the Hare Krishna element in hardcore find similarities with the Force. It could simply be that hardcore represents the underdog, the common man’s struggle against the forces of evil. Whatever it is it is a relationship that still endures and in recognition of this meeting of fandoms the always awesome Light Go Out fanzine, have joined forces with Gadgie fanzine to dedicate an entire issue to the saga.

For those that have never had the pleasure, Lights Go Out is a labour of love cut and paste style fanzine, the likes of which remind you why you fell in love with this medium in the first place. Every inch is packed with as much content as possible. Having not had the pleasure of reading Gadgie fanzine before, a quick look will tell you that this too is a passion project of Marv’s as he spells out his affection for Star Wars and punk in a love letter that spans decades as well as most of the zine itself. That’s followed by the usual album reviews, live reviews you’d expect in any zine worth its salt.

More uniformed in it’s approach Gadgie is bright, witty and very well informed and a thoroughly entertaining read. Flipping the zine over will bring you to the Lights Go Out side of things. Mr T has gone with the classic punk approach and filled his zine with interviews with the likes of Officer Down and Nerf Herder, which focus not only on hardcore affairs, but affairs in a galaxy far, far away too. By far my favourite aspect of the whole thing was T’s interview with his daughters which beautifully bridged the generation gap between Star Wars fans. Bonus points go to the highly entertaining punk rock light sabre battle featuring the likes of Steve Albini, Glenn Danzig and Debbie Harry.

With so much Star Wars content readily available these days, it’d good to read the thoughts and opinions of two honest to goodness old school fans of the saga, because let’s be honest Star Wars much like punk rock is nothing without it’s fanbase. All the reasons we love both of these sub cultures literally drips out of these pages and will rekindle your love of Star Wars, fanzines and Punk Rock all over gain with one swift stroke… Chris Andrews

Find out more about Gadgie and bag yourself a copy of the split issue here

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