Kicked In The Teeth – S/T (Self)

This is the debut album from Northwich, Cheshire\’s latest export Kicked In The Teeth Featuring ex-members of The Business, Incision and Helsinki Seven and Face Of Christ, this ten song album delivers exactly what the band name suggests. Loud, hard and angry, this is one of those records that sits on those transient, lawless borderlands between the worlds of Hardcore and punk music. I could sit with hours and a crate of beers with my mate Carl and debate this ‘til the cows come home, and this album would the perfect soundtrack for exactly that.

Picking up touches of the bold and the brash, there are touches of Zeke, Turbonegro or Sick On The Bus here and there but overall they have found their own imprint and rammed it home in ten songs. Excellent work Northwich! So far there is no physical release for this one, but it is available on all the streaming and digital platforms out there so get downloading. Tom Chapman

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