Joe & Caspar Hit the Road

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Joe & Caspar Hit the Road  (BBC DVD)

Whether you are part of the Youtube generation or not, there is no getting away from the huge popularity, influence and sheer entertainment value created by a large handful of seemingly normal, mostly young people talking into their phone cameras and posting it online.  Caspar and Joe are a huge phenomenon amongst those in the know, with their Youtube posts (both individually and together) regularly anticipated and viewed by over 5 million subscribers each.  And now the BBC has jumped on board to bring us the two friends in their first full length feature film. What makes them so special? Well, you’ll need to watch to find out; Caspar is a 21 year old Londoner, brought up in South Africa and harbouring an obsession with Pizza, and Joe is the 24 year old brother of Zoe Sugg (Zoella) who suffers from a near pathological fear of small elastic bands.

In Joe and Caspar Hit the Road, our two heroes find themselves on a road trip around Europe with no money, no cameras to post their plight to Youtube and no phones!!! The pair need to get a series of jobs to pay for food and get them home, creating an opportunity for the kind of crazy antics that have made them essential viewing for their legions of near obsessive fans across the world.

If you are a fan of either or both, Joe and Caspar Hit the Road deliver’s everything you’d hope for: the same affable personalities, the same personal chemistry and easy going playfulness, but in a full feature length format – and a professional holding the camera.  In short, you’ll love every single frame of it.  If you’re not a fan, or haven’t heard of them, well this is a great place to start.  Completely accessible to the uninitiated, Joe and Caspar Hit the Road is a perfect introduction to what makes them so popular, and will no doubt win them may hundreds of thousands of new fans across a wider spectrum of ages than perhaps they reach now.

If you’re the parent of teens, this is an essential stocking filler – if they can wait that long to see it!; Joe and Caspar are guaranteed to delight the whole family with their light silliness and clear sense of mischief.  A clear and easy winner, and incidentally, Amazon’s fastest pre-selling pre-order title of the year! Siobhan Cundle



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