Jesus Piece / Malice At The Palace – Split 7” (Bridge Nine)

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And here we go, hold tight and get ready for the beat-down a-go-go that these Hardcore juggernauts have gathered together to dispense with a side order of venom, hatred and bile. Kicking off with a devastating duo of Catharsis meets Integrity metal fuelled fury from Jesus Piece, before slamming into a pair of pulverising late nineties flavoured NYHC thrash infused slamtastic tunes courtesy of Malice At The Palace, this split seven inch is a statement of intent from both bands. And the only thing that Jesus Piece and Malice At The Palace want to do is to tear your face off with raw, unbridled Hardcore power and aggression.  Which is exactly what they, and this record, do… Tim Cundle

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