Jeff Caudill – Voice 7” (Revelation)


When Jon Bunch passed away, his death was felt throughout the world and left a scene in mourning. His memory will always burn bright in the hearts and minds of all who knew him, and through his music which will continue to inspire and enlighten generation after generation of new fans.  Jeff Caudill however decided that he wanted to do something more immediate for Jon’s family and recorded the two achingly beautiful songs (at least one of which I’m guessing some, if not most, of you will already know) on Voice as a benefit for them.   There’s no beat-downs, no mosh parts, no screaming solos on here, just a man and an acoustic guitar, voice and instrument in perfect, magnificent harmony. Caudill’s gorgeous, heavenly voice wrings every single bit of emotion out of Voice and Wishing Well and when combined with his delicate playing, sends shivers of pure nervous, electric energy and pleasure up and down my spine every time I play this single. Which I’ve been doing repeatedly for the last two hours and I daresay will be doing for the next two as well.  It’s … Breath-taking. Thank-you Jeff…  Tim Cundle 

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