Jaws of Deaf – Delicious Discomfort EP (Self Released)

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Fresh from a UK and Japanese tour to promote Mutation III, the album co-written with Ginger Wildheart, Scott Lee Andrews (Exit International / ex Midasuno) has just dropped a solo EP. Under the guise of Jaws of Deaf, this is the noise merchant’s latest release after umpteen recordings were given away for free online. Mind your ears now, we’re going in!

Like a straight to video horror flick that you shouldn’t have watched as a kid, Bait & Switch enters like a red hot cannonball being shot by Satan himself from the deepest parts of hell. Here, we get the first taste of the monstrous drumming by former 60ft Dolls tubthumper Carl Bevan, who also takes the production helm. The racket is frightful from the off and makes Guitar Wolf’s noise levels sound like Boyzone on Valium.

Porno Without the Fucking continues the theme. If this song were a casual trip to the see the GP, it would end up being sectioned. Samples swirl like your old man taking out the dustbins when he’s smashed after a pint and a fight down the club with the boys. It’s a beautiful noise though as he gives a two fingered salute at the neighbours whilst grunting a continuous “fuck you” under his breath.

For all the noise that has gone before, Cupid Stunts is an unexpected and excellent slab of 90s Brit Rock inspired tuneage. There’s hooks and melodies that more than give a nod to the so-called “New Seattle” sound created in Newport, Wales two decades ago. This is about as commercial and accessible as Delicious Discomfort gets and Scott showcases his pop sensibilities with a clever key change at the end.

Californian Frown takes a similar catchy turn albeit with a soul shakedown bout of “wah-hoo’s.” With a looped riff and handclaps, think The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion sticking a knife in a toaster. It’s the sound of trying to do the twist after the twentieth Colt 45 and Special VAT snakebite. An Alone Wolf follows and the urgency is upped once more. Courtesy of the guitar riff, it’s a song that has one foot firmly in the grave of grunge whilst the other is fending off zombies with a size 10 Dr. Marten boot.

EP closer The World Looks Better From Behind takes the bizarreness even further with its military beat seemingly soundtracking a bunch of maniacs marching around a lunatic asylum. They’ve broken the grasps of Nurse Ratched and have now joined forces with a circus side show, and what’s that? Someone’s dropped LSD in the elephant’s water? Cue the trumpets. Yes, trumpets! I think this is the point where Dumbo’s mother dies. It’s a twisted end to a gleefully twisted EP.

Delicious Discomfort is just that. It’s the inner workings of Hunter S. Thompson’s mind set to music. It’s purposefully awkward, dark, warped and will leave you questioning your own sanity. Scott Lee Andrews and his fucked up vision should take a distorted bow… with a Droog like wry smile, naturally. Ginge Knievil

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