Jaded Eyes – Call of the Void (Boss Tuneage)

The UK punk landscape has been levelled several times in recent years by the likes of Grand Collapse, Pizzatramp et al. But the 2015 event saw a particularly gargantuan seismic shift, emanating from the Leeds area. This heralded the arrival of the second album by U.K punks Jaded Eyes-the incredible The Eternal Sea. So, it’s with great anticipation, that the absolute horror show that is 2020, finally has something worth celebrating, as the boys launch their third album Call Of The Void.

With a collective CV that can boast the likes of John Holmes, Voorhees and Geoffrey Oi!cott and not to mention that the band name derives from a Government Issue track, expectations have always been high. Undeterred by the pressure they put on themselves Jaded Eyes just keep knocking it out of the park, as is apparent when anthemic opener Never Want To Die, comes raging in recalling the classic call to arms style of bands like The Casualties.

The band take influence from bands across the broad spectrum of punk rock and are not afraid to show that, but somehow, they still manage to make it all their own. Predator for instance, shows an appreciation for the melodic charms of Leatherface while Fade Out could stand next to classic NYHC bands like Warzone or Cause For Alarm with its stomping in your face approach.

Call Of The Void is another feather in the cap for a band at the top of their game and another timely kick up the backside for U.K punk. If you are looking for a prime example of rampant untamed hardcore punk, that still retains punks core sensibilities in 2020 then prepare to be blown away by Call Of The VoidChris Andrews

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