Infinity Warps: Two-In-One – Various (Marvel)

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When Gamora claimed the Infinity Stones during Infinity Wars and became Requiem, she followed in her “fathers” footsteps and decimated fifty percent of the Universes population. Unlike Thanos though, Requiem didn’t consign her victims to oblivion and instead of accepting her murderous legacy, she fused half of the souls in existence with the other half, which reduced the number of living beings in creation by half, rewrote history and fashioned a whole new legion of super heroes from star stuff. And Infinity Warps is the story of how the most powerful of those heroes entered the world and became who they were, and are.

Essentially, Infinity Warps is the Infinity Wars version of the classic ‘What If?’ stories and is a collection of alternate histories in which a number of writers and artists, given the two souls in one body brief, are allowed to let their imaginations run wild and manufacture a whole new mythology. And it is absolutely sublime, with every single one of the creative team involved spectacularly rising to the occasion and delivering a set of arresting and immersive stories that forever alter everything that you thought you knew, and believed to be true, about the Marvel Universe.

As with any anthology though, there are chapters that stand out, that pull the lightning from the heavens, bottle it, gift wrap it and hand it to the reader. With Infinity Warps the electrifying entries are provided by Gerry Duggan and Adam Kubert’s Soldier Supreme in which Steve Rogers and Stephen Strange are combined to combat the nazi menace by sorcererous means instead of scientific, Ramon Rosanas and Al Ewing’s Iron Hammer that fuses Thor and Tony Stark in a god riddled origin tale, Dennis Hopeless and Ale Garza’s Arachknight, a psyche swapping and melding adventure in which Moon Knight and Spider-Man now sharing a single body and consciousness battle their greatest foe and the various short stories that make up the two issues of Infinity Warps  that are included and from which the collection takes its name.  That said, there isn’t a weak link in Infinity Warps chain and it’s an exhilarating ride into the realms of possible realities and strange histories that’ll transport you to places undreamt of. Incredible… Tim Cundle


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