Heroes 2 None – Villains 2 All (Oi! The Nische Records)

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With more than 35 years’ experience on the Punk/Hardcore/Oi scene, Denmark’s Heroes 2 None have probably seen and heard it all. With that amount of time served, you’d be forgiven for thinking that, the passion may not be there and their best stuff is in past. But spawned from an impressive array of bands such as The Zero Point, War Of Destruction, The Guv’nors and Last Seen Laughing you’d be dead wrong.  Produced by one of hardcore’s “go to” producers, Tue Madsen, who has previously overseen releases by Madball and Sick Of It All, their debut mini album Villains 2 All on Germany’s Oi! The Nische Records, is a fresh stomp in the face for fans old school hardcore.

Initially a digital release, with vinyl and cassette releases to follow and at six riotous songs long, the band follow the proud tradition that Aarhus in Denmark holds, of producing quality street punk. Influences from further afield are also evident, as traces of Agnostic Front, The Business and Sick Of It All can be clearly heard. They play short basic songs that stick to their roots, with pride and there are also epic sing-alongs, to swing your beer around too. There are no barriers being broken down here, but if you are looking for good old fashioned hardcore, done properly, then look no further than these boys. In their own words, “Expectation? Shove it up your bum”…Chris Andrews

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