Groove metallers ALL AT SEA stream new video ahead of EP release

North East England\’s groove metal-hardcore mob ALL AT SEA have released their new video for Wake, Work, Repeat.

The track comes ahead of the band\’s new EP Systemised, out May 12.

Boasting the gritty aggression of bands like Malevolence and Nasty, with odd plunges into alternative Rage Against The Machine-esque territory, ALL AT SEA really are an anomaly in this terrain. With slow, crushing rhythmic prowess and an excess of unadulterated down-tuned riffs, coupled with plenty of breakdowns, this EP is something to behold as a debut release.

Not much is known about ALL AT SEA, but it is painfully clear that they are fuelled by anger and frustration. Frontman and vocalist Jack Tyreman has a definitive presence, whether utilising his skill at pitched screams, growls or shouts, and is complimented by the aforementioned vitriol from the musicians behind him. His fluency is most prominent in song \’Wake\’, where the lyrical themes are abundantly clear, and is accentuated wholeheartedly by a crushing breakdown. He eloquently yells; “This fking system’s a joke. I’m fking sick of being broke. I want more from my life. I wasn’t born to work and die.”


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