Grippers – Black Tears (Potencial HC)

Somewhere in my heart I have a bit of a soft spot for that \”Hellcat\” style punk rock that was all the rage just a decade or two ago. For a while it felt as if bands like The Distillers, Choking Victim or F-Minus were pumping out albums left right and centre. In Europe labels like People Like You were flying the flag high with releases from Frontkick, The Bones or Voice Of A Generation. It may be me but there don\’t seem to be many bands treading that ground these days, so Grippers are very welcome in my book.

We last spoke about these Madrid cats back in 2017 and over the past years they have gained a name for themselves with their strong live show. This new collection of songs captures the essence of all of the above, going from singalong punk anthems to foot-on-the-gas-pedal turbo charged hardcore punk. Carry On in particular is an uplifting track designed to rouse the rabble. Aesthetically the digipak CD is great with spectacular black and white pictures and a design that will please fans of any of the above bands and labels. This latest release from Grippers is the real deal – solid punk rock and a great looking package to match. Tom Chapman

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