Gardens, Galaxies and Goosebumps…

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Gardens, Galaxies and Goosebumps the first short story collection from Mass Movement contributor David Jenkins is released today. Enjoy stories featuring Ground Goblins (get rid of them or they’ll get you) and Remember Balls (touch this illegal device to store any memory) among other delights. Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror, this collection has it all; in the garden, in the galaxy and beyond.

David Jenkins writes short stories, novels, comics and anything really in the sci-fi, horror and fantasy genres.  A variety of his articles and reviews have appeared on Mass Movement and Attack on Planet B among other sites. Gardens, Galaxies and Goosebumps is his first short story collection.

Find out more about David here and here and Gardens, Galaxies and Goosebumps here

Order Gardens, Galaxies and Goosebumps here and here

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