Forsaken Profit$ – Minimum Wage Maximum Rage (Apocalypse)

How many of you enjoy high-energy music of the punk/metal variety? Do you like in your face vocals? What about slamming drums and chainsaw guitars? If you find yourself interested in the answers to these questions you need to check out Atlanta, Georgia band Forsaken Profit$ right now. Their blend of thrash metal and skate punk grabbed me immediately upon hearing them live in my hometown and that hasn’t diminished during my repeated listens of their album Minimum Wage Maximum Rage. In fact, the more I listen to these twelve songs the more I love this band. While Resist is my favorite song on this album, the other eleven tracks all come in a close second. Other song titles include Backstabbing Bastard and Pray to Cum. That should give you a good idea of what to expect from these crazy kids and their devil music. The pure energy from this band could light up a major city for weeks. Jim Dodge

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