Featuring Mike Mignola! Michael Moorcock\’s The Chronicles of Corum

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February 20, 2018, sees the release of the next instalment of Titan’s critically-acclaimed Michael Moorcock Library series – The Chronicles of Corum Vol. 1 – The Knight Of Swords!

Hellboy creator and artist Mike MignolaBatman artist Kelley Jones and Eisner award-winning writer Mike Baron bring Michael Moorcock’s timeless story of order versus chaos to vivid life in this brand-new hardcover collection.

To celebrate this exciting new edition to the Library series, Titan have released a special video interview with Michael Moorcock, where the acclaimed science fiction and fantasy author shares his thoughts on comic book adaptations of his best-selling novels.

The Chronicles of Corum Vol. 1 – The Knight Of Swords hits stores on February 20, and comes with an exclusive introduction by acclaimed writer Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Silver Surfer, Superman).


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