Eyes Of Tomorrow – Settle For More (Dedication/ Swell Creek)

Hardcore trends come and go, but the old styles never disappear. This debut album from Germany’s Eyes Of Tomorrow is the perfect example of how the classic NYHC template never gets boring. In fact I’d say that outside of New York itself, German bands have taken that sound to heart and given birth to their own version. From the days of Charleys War, Rykers, Brightside, through names such as True Blue, Proof or Empowerment, you could argue this sound has found its true home in the middle of Europe.

Eyes Of Tomorrow take all of the above and throw it into the cement mixer. Hard rhythms with that bouncing bass drum pedal that keeps the beat streetwise on the mid-paced anthems, before unleashing fury on the uptempo neck breakers. You know how bands like Madball or Sick Of It All manage to keep the groove whatever speed they are blasting the tunes out – that’s the sound and spirit that Eyes Of Tomorrow have captured.

 There are a couple of fun moments in here but on this album they don’t stray from that tried and tested path, delivering straight up hardcore, brutal and honest. I mentioned it’s a classic template but as always when it’s done well, this album breezes through the speakers like a breath of fresh air. Tom Chapman

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