Exumer – Hostile Defiance (Metal Blade)

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Niicceee. Twelve tracks of proper old school Thrash Metal. Exumer are one of those bands that always seem to be bubbling under the radar despite consistently turning out solid, unfussy, straight up head bangers. The Teutonic four piece seem quite content to do what they do best rather than try and re-invent the wheel; and their Slayer-esque shenanigans, particularly on the opening title track, the mosh heavy ‘Dust Eater’, the pacey ‘King’s End’ and the ‘South Of Heaven’ inspired ‘Descent’ certainly hit the mark. They even thrash up the Scorpions classic ‘He’s Woman, She’s A Man’! If you’re a Thrash newbie with a predilection for Municipal Waste or an Old School, baseball cap/boot wearing old timer that yearns for the halcyon days of Slayer and Exodus Hostile Defiance will have you nodding like the Churchill bulldog   Ian Pickens

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