Exmortus – Ride Forth (Prosthetic)


Shred-tastic thrash metal… Deep, tough riffs, encompassing plenty of licks along with melodious connotation – that basically sums up ‘Ride Forth’. The vocals are not a million miles away from Mille (Kreator), which gives the West Coast quartet a dark edge within their sound. ‘Speed Of The Strike’ sounds like it is a lost 80’s gem, powering forward, honest and steadfast. It’s almost a new slice of old school as Exmortus satisfactorily combine a European style vocal approach paralleled with Bay Area guitars, especially during the crushing ‘For The Horde’ NICE! With songs titles as you would expect and suitable artwork to boot, you get exactly what you see with this band – no frills, just solid paced metal. I will bang my head to that! Mark Freebase

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