Eisberg – Few Will Remain (BDHW)

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About twenty five years ago, after getting suitably oiled up on whatever cheap beers and spirits our dogshit local was serving that week, I used to play a game with a buddy of mine called “I quit”. The set-up and rules were pretty simple. We’d sit opposite each and then take it in turns to punch other in the face as hard as we could and whoever cried uncle and gave up first would be the loser and would have to get the winner his drink of choice the following week.  In the twelve months that we spent playing that ridiculous game I nearly went broke buying piddly, funny looking cocktails with exotic sounding names.

Listening to Eisberg is like playing “I quit”, except you’ve got absolutely no chance of winning. Few Will Remain doesn’t have an off-switch, it just pummels you senseless time and time again. From the moment Enough is Enough kicks in until closing track Sealed Your Fate fades out, Eisberg are in full go mode and just keep swinging. Combining the pit ready groove of early Blood For Blood with Leeway and Earth Crisis and the battle ready vocals of Drop Out era 16, Eisberg are the kind of band who you wouldn’t want to bump into a dark alley while out and about on your own. Accompanied on Few Will Remain by a veritable list of who’s who from the current underground slam-a-thon championships, Eisberg have proved that they’re the real hardcore deal and that if you do end up getting into it with them, you’ll almost certainly throw in the towel first… Tim Cundle

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