DragonForce – Extreme Power Metal (Metal Blade/earMUSIC)

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If there’s a band who consistently releases great albums it’s British group DragonForce. Their new release, Extreme Power Metal proves their ability to write blisteringly fast songs while still being able to create a solid ballad. Also included is the track My Heart Will Go On, originally recorded by the appalling Celine Dion. DragonForce have done such a great job of adapting this song to fit their style that it was only on my third listen that I realized what I was hearing. I mean, how many bands can adapt a cover song to their own style so well that it’s almost unrecognizable yet still fully rocks? This album is out, it’s affordable, and your life won’t be the same without it. Stream it, download it, whatever, just listen to it. Life’s too short to miss out on great music.  Jim Dodge

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