Dr. Boogie – She’s So Tuff / Peanut Butter Blues 7” (Spaghetty Town Records)

Like a 1970s rock ‘n’ roll roadblock that diverts you via the side streets of UK glam, proto-punk and the pub rock scene, Dr. Boogie are here in a beat-up Mark I Ford Transit van and they’ve got their latest 7” single with them in a leatherette suitcase. As they proudly parade their logo in a font that could be straight out of a Look-In annual of yesteryear, Dr. Boogie are caught in a time warp and it’s a beautiful time travelling one at that.

For those who frown at a pub rock comparison, I say bollocks to you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Ducks Deluxe or The Motors, and I can sense a windowed pint glass being smashed on a Kilburn boozer floor as the needle hits the wax. Dr. Boogie actually don’t hail from Blighty, but from Los Angeles. I don’t know what they’ve fed these Californians but it makes the whole thing just that little bit more intriguing for me.

She’s So Tuff hits with glam stomping floor toms and a fuzzy Keef guitar. The vocals are punk tinged but don’t let that lead you to thinking this mid-paced groover is all spit and dribble. There’s much more to it than that. I mean, there are horns too; big sexy horns. Flip the record over and things venture even more into barroom territory with Peanut Butter Blues. With rollicking piano and R&B guitar tricks, by the time we get to the singing I’ve already conjured up an image of a young Rod Stewart and the Faces teaching future punks that rock ‘n’ roll can be fun.

Released just under a month ago, Dr. Boogie’s latest 45 comes highly recommended if you miss the days of waiting patiently on your drab orange corduroy sofa for your weekly dose of Top of the Pops to begin. Look, it’s started and the drummer’s front of stage; wave those tartan scarves and scream! Thank you Dr. Boogie for reminding the UK how good this blend of rock ‘n’ roll can be. Now, where’s me drape jacket? I’m off to meet Les Gray for a knees-up. It’s his round. Ginge Knievil

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