Doctor Who: The Lost Planet

Doctor Who: The Lost Planet – Written by George Mann & Performed by Nicola Bryant – CD (BBC Worldwide)

Perpugilliam Brown. Not a name that slips off the tongue very easily, so thankfully it was abbreviated to Peri Brown, the companion of the Fifth and Sixth doctors. Actress, Nicola Bryant, who played botanist Peri, is the latest of the Doctor’s companions to narrate a chapter in this latest series of audio books featuring the Twelfth Doctor. Bryant’s experience with American accents serves her well, bringing Alex and Brandon Yow to life a bit more convincingly than Kerry Shale managed to in The Lost Angel.  And she also does a better job with Capaldi’s Scottish accent.

The story itself is solid Who stuff. An alien of unknown origin has planted itself in the TARDIS, which is threatening to tear the Doctor’s trusted ship apart at the seams. Which means that the new brother and sister companion team are forced deeper and deeper into the TARDIS to find the source of the problem and as they venture into its fathomless depths, discover a secret door to the Doctor’s past which could destroy them both.

Any chance to see the TARDIS being explored is always a great selling point for me and The Lost Planet does that very well. Seen through the eyes of Alex and Brandon, the descriptions of the TARDIS interior, really bring the listener into the story and the ordinary person in an extraordinary situation scenario plays out very nicely. The sound effects are kept to a minimum, but are simple and effective when used and like any good Who story the big reveal is delivered at just the right time and wraps everything up with a very satisfying ending. A thoroughly absorbing entry in a very entertaining seriesChris Andrews

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