Diemonds – Never Wanna Die


Diemonds – Never Wanna Die CD (Napalm Records)
Diemonds look and sound so hard rock. Simple as… the image, the artwork, the whole vibe of dirty sweat drenched debauchery that fills the air when they are around. Delivering hooks that will gouge your ears open and a driving rhythm – filthy as hell; it’s the elements of trad-metal, and full on rock ‘n’ roll that heavily cut through the sound, in turn releasing elements of punk attitude during the fist punching choruses. In what genre will you place this band? Who cares actually? Only slowing the tempo down (slightly) during ‘Secret’ this Toronto quintet create a heads down no messin’ aura. Powered by the vocal pipes of Priya Panda you’d have to be deaf or dumb not to check these dudes out. Mark Freebase

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