DeeCRACKS have joined the Pirates Press Records family!

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DeeCRACKS have joined the Pirates Press Records family and will be releasing their newest full-length, Sonic Delusions, on February 23rd. Starting out as The Cretins in 2003, it didn\’t take long for them to start playing shows regularly and build a following within Austria. Their first self-released demo in 2004 earned them shows supporting well-known groups like, among others, the Black Lips or Leftover Crack. Despite a name change due to legal issues and line-up changes within the band, DeeCRACKS did not stop touring and stayed true to their music, consequently playing continuously more shows every year, gaining an international fan base.

15 years, over 800 shows around the globe, 4 LPs, 1 EP, 3 7 inches, 2 Best-of-CDs and 5 split releases on international labels along with 10 different bass players, 2 band names, and countless crazy tour stories to tell to listening ears. DeeCRACKS are workhorses and unstoppable in their efforts to spread their vision of rock\’n\’roll…and Sonic Delusions is the latest chapter in the band\’s story!

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