Deadpool: Weasel Goes to Hell – Skottie Young, Nic Klein, Dana Schwarz & Reilly Brown (Marvel)


If you’re wondering (and let’ be honest here Deadheads, who isn’t?) what Wade did during the War of the Realms, then step inside the pages of Weasel Goes to Hell and wonder no more, as this book, which collects the final issues of Skottie Young’s run on Deadpool, has all the answers. When I say all, what I actually mean is that it provides the answers to all of the important, and a few of not so important, questions that you may or may not (delete as applicable) have about what Wade did while all of the big fancy pants Avengers were off doing big old fancy pants superhero things like saving the world and looking good for the hundreds and hundreds of cameras filming their individual, and group, Flash Gordon moments.

Anyways, while Captain America and Iron Man and all of the expense account having, living in a giant head in a snow covered mountain la-dee-da heroes were doing whatever it was they were doing, the self-proclaimed best (former) Avenger was in Australia battling trolls, pretending to be Max Rockatansky and composing new team tunes with a trio of Antipodean do-gooders who may or may not have legally questionable gimmicks that ignore copyright, likeness rights and image and intellectual copyright. It’s all very dystopian and very, very Australian.

In fact all that’s missing, and the sole reason that ‘What Wade Did On His Big Business Trip Down Under’ isn’t the most Australian story ever, is a shark with more teeth than George Hamilton*, deadly spiders that hide under toilet seats, lots of monstrous crocodiles and ravenous snakes and some chap wittering on about adding crustaceans to fashion dolls**.  If the Road Warrior had been a budget busting superhero action flick full of laugh out loud moments that shattered the fourth wall, then it would look something like the opening story of Weasel Goes to Hell.

And talking about Weasel, who is already in Hell (I know, the title is slightly misleading, but just go with it because if you think about it too much it’ll just make your head hurt) and while there has been using a muscle bound, harder to kill than Steve Seagal in that film Hard to Kill, “hero” called Good Night to completely destroy Wade’s life because that’s what vengeance makes you do, he gets his wagon fixed good and proper and Deadpool gets a sort of happy ending. Or at least as happy as Wade’s ending ever are, which isn’t all that happy but then again, what is happiness? Are you happy? Am I? Are any of us? Yeah, that finale, it’s bittersweet, is bursting all of the feels and draws a line under the latest chapter in Wade’s life in tried, tested and true Deadpool fashion.

Then last, but not least, Deadpool applies his not inconsiderable skill set to helping an eight year old beat his nightmares, a tale in which our hero bungles a burglary, travels to other dimensions, squares off against a demon and hands out one of the most deserved beat downs in comic book history. Seriously, if anyone had it coming, this guy did. I’ve loved every moment of Skottie Young’s run on Deadpool, and while I’m all misty eyed and a little heart-broken that he’s moved on to pastures new, at least he went out a super-dopper-uber high with Weasel Goes to Hell.  And as well as featuring the kind of tales that I’d have sacrificed my grandma to Beelzebub to be able to write, Weasel Goes to Hell also looks gorgeous thanks to Nic Klein, Scott Hepburn and Ian Herring’s eye popping, brain melting art that ensures the story zooms by faster than a supercharged ’72 442 on a quarter mile showdown. One day all Deadpool books will be this much fun. But until that day dawns, Weasel Goes to Hell will do just fine… Tim Cundle *Most of you young folks probably don’t know who George is, but he’s Hollywood Royalty and

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