Deadguy launches new video for Makeshift Atomsmasher

New Jersey Mathcore legends drop a track from their new live L.P Buyer’s Remorse.

Deadguy has released their new LP, Buyer’s Remorse: Live From the Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest – featuring the complete set from the classic line up’s first show in 25 years, recorded live in front of a sold-out crowd at Metal & Beer Fest: Philly on September 25, 2021. Available via Decibel Records (as the label’s inaugural release). Copies can be purchased now at Decibel Magazine’s webstore and Deadguy online 

Including their vicious cover of Black Flag‘s seminal “Police Story,” the New Jersey mathcore cult heroes ripped through a blistering 14-song set of classic cuts from their first two EPs and (as of today) lone 1995 full-length, Decibel Hall of Fame inductee Fixation on a Co-Worker. Whether you were among the lucky in attendance or cursing your 9-to-5 for keeping you out of the pit, Buyer’s Remorse has been commemorated with a multitude of collector-friendly bonuses to help you recapture the magic: every copy contains a full-color, double-sided fold-out poster, as well as a snazzy spot-gloss (aka spot UV) enhanced album jacket.

Buyer’s Remorse: Live From the Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest track-listing

1. John Dear

2. Doom Patrol

3. Pins and Needles

4. Die With Your Mask On

5. Makeshift Atomsmasher

6. Baby Arm

7. Puny Human

8. Nine Stitches

9. Druid

10. Riot Stairs

11. Apparatus

12. Running With Scissors

13. Police Story (Black Flag cover)

14. The Extremist 

Photo credit: Nathaniel Shannon

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