Dad Brains – S/T EP (Dad Brains)

So despite their name, these guys don’t actually sound much like the Bad Brains, although they do share the flat out, full speed attack approach that HR and company utilised so effectively on the ROIR Cassette . Which is, you know, all kinds of awesome. Especially when it’s combined with the Dad Brains  approach to song-writing, which effortlessly combines insanely catchy early Suicidal Tendencies, Crucial Youth and Murphys Law style slam happy tunes with lyrics about parenthood, a scene that increasingly relies on incomprehensible technology developed in the digital age and the real world perils of getting old that any forty something, aging Hardcore “kid” can instantly relate to. Funny, fast, straight to the point and sounding like they came directly from 1986 without passing Go or having spent any time in Jail (ahem, gaol, ahem), Dad Brains, like so many of us, may well be old, but they can sure show the youngsters in the scene a thing or two about Hardcore. Like, y’know, how it should be played. So just remember kids, Dad Brains may well be old, but they’re still infinitely cooler than you will ever be….  Tim Cundle

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