Cross Control debut \’Self Reliance\’…

Sometimes things just fall into place. In the case of LA’s Cross Control they met for the first time in January 2019 and were in the studio recording their debut EP for New Age Records by May. For Martin Alcedo (No Bragging Rights), Carlos Torres (long time touring bass player for Explosions in the Sky), Mike Avila, and Vince Averill (Capsule Records) things just clicked.


Six songs of energetic hardcore that deal with life’s struggles in a fresh way. The sound is familiar but not a redo. For fans of Slap Shot, Life’s Blood, and Gang Green. Recorded with Aaron Jamili at Wormhole studios. It’s members have sewn together all their experiences from growing up in SoCal, Texas, and Detroit. Different scenes, different times, but a similar want to play fast and heavy.


Vocals: Vince Averill
Bass: Carlos Torres
Drums: Martin Alcedo
Guitar: Mike Avila 

The band has continued to write and begun playing shows with Judge, Down to Nothing, and others. 2019 is the year of Cross Control as they roll out their brand of aggressive music that doesn’t lack passion or rage.

Cross Control plays December 7th. with Judge and Down to Nothing at Garden Amp in Garden Grove CA.


Outrage Culture  hits stores November 22nd. Pre order it here

Band photo by Joe Calixto

Live photo by Veronika Reinert

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