Criminal Kids – S/T (Spaghetty Town Records / Gods Candy Records)

Don’t let anyone tell you that punks can’t play. Straight outta Chicago come Criminal Kids; snotty street urchins with their amps cranked all the way to 12. They’ve probably wired up their battered Marshalls to next door’s electricity meter. Like fuck are they paying! It’s not just punk rock though. There’s sleaze rock, hard rock and all the rocks in between (Chinese included).

This 6 track EP is a tour de spit soaked force. Side note: I do love a 6 track EP that slams you in the face and makes you get down on your knees begging for more. Criminal Kids don’t play by the punk rock songbook either. There’s twists and turns and just when you think you’re about to hit the chorus again, they take you down a back alley to give your arse a damn good spanking. I mentioned the playing at the top of the page and with guitar noodling galore, this is an appetite for self-destruction. Don’t overlook the rhythm section though, as the bass and drum workout is a little bit blistering too, leaving no time to come up for air.

Whilst the Supersuckers and Zeke are cuddled up in bed somewhere in Hellsville, recovering from the night before, Criminal Kids are sneaking under the duvet covered in booze, blood and God knows what. If you own a muscle car, now may be a good time to flex its horse power. Just don’t let Criminal Kids take the wheel. Ginge Knievil

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