Crim – Pare Nostre Que Esteu A L\’Infern LP/ CD (Pirates Press/ Contra/ BCore Disc)

Although there have been a lot of great releases and bands trading the boards in recent years, Crim has been my discovery for 2018. I know I was late in coming to this particular party, what can I say except that I don\’t get out as much as I used to! I caught them live at a festival in Marseille earlier this year and scrambled all my spare Euros together and snapped up all the vinyl they had available. They have already treated us to a teaser EP called Sense Excuses a couple of months ago, but Christmas has definitely come early in the shape of this brand new full length. Possibly the most astounding fact of Crim\’s growing international success is the fact that they sing in their native Catalan language but that is certainly not holding them back. Guitars, bass and drums all sing the same language though so there are enough familiar elements that help give this band their universal appeal. This new record is their most polished yet and it is a natural progression of their sound. Loosely rooted in the street punk sound but there is a hell of a lot of emotion in the delivery here, think along the lines of Rancid or Leatherface at their most passionate. Those two examples should also indicate to you that Crim have a seriously high level of musicianship, and the ability to write damn catchy tunes, with some beautiful notes hinting to the killer Hammond & Stubbs duelling that made Leatherface so special – just check out the title track for a great example of this. There isn\’t a single disappointing moment on here, Crim have delivered exactly the album that I hoped they would. Tom Chapman

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