Converge – The Dusk in Us (Epitaph)

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There was a time when, and probably crazily so, when I thought Converge, even though they make every neuron in my brain fire at ten times their normal speed whenever I listen to them, were a vehicle for bad luck and ill omen. Kind of like a personal Hardcore version of the old maritime fear of the albatross.  I know it sounds insane, but hear me out. First time we saw Converge, Gavin snapped his ankle in the pit, second time I tore my intercostal muscle and the third time, well I had major car issues that began as I was about to leave for the show. The third time, as some no doubt witty individual once said, was a charm and the deciding nail in the bedevilled coffin of my bonkers Converge conspiracy theory.

Or in my case, it was a cursed by the hand of fate that proceeded to strangle all of the, admittedly minimal, positivity that surrounded me whenever Converge played within fifty miles. As you can probably imagine, this is kind of a drag as, like I’ve already said, I’m more than a little fond of Converge.  And The Dusk in Us just reinforces the way I feel about this band. It’s a rollercoaster of tightly controlled, emotion fuelled, anger driven, raging metal-core lunacy, that’s beautiful, terrifying, unsettling and oddly calming. This is music forged in the long dark night of Converge’s collective soul, one that has endured since their formation and is set to last for eternity. It’s the sound of the world collapsing around you made manifest and given form and its haunting power and frantic majesty is glorious. Incredible… Tim Cundle

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