Cockwomble – Henchmen EP (Self)

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I’m not from the UK but I know the word “cockwomble” is an insult. What kind of insult I’m not exactly sure but it definitely shows a lack of respect for the person being called by that slur. Fortunately the band of that name is far from undeserving of respect. In fact they’re a fun, bouncy , rock and roll band with a bent for punk rock. Henchmen contains four songs of irresistible music that are sure to rank high on your list, especially when you’re having a fabulous day listening to music. “You bring the lies and we’ll bring the sex.” Sex, Lies, and Video Tape, track three, a punk rock masterpiece! The other three songs, also great, also worth listening to many times, also super catchy and totally rad. Don’t you dare miss Cockwomble’s new release. Stupid, ugly, and full of regret is no way to go through life. Jim Dodge

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