Cliterati – Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies (Tankcrimes)

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Well, it’s about damn time. After two and something years of twiddling my thumbs and wondering what had happened to Cliterati, they’re finally about to drop their debut album Ugly Truths / Beautiful Lies and whatever it is they’ve been subsisting in for all that time, I want some. As vicious, uncompromising and powerful as their self-titled EP was, it was nothing compared to the sheer ferocity and energy that every note of Ugly Truths is imbued with.

Having upped their D-Beat quotient, Cliterati now sound like a more pissed off fusion of Poison Idea, Discharge and Motorhead and musically, they’ll tear you to pieces at two hundred and fifty yards. Ugly Truths is anger channelled into sound, fury given righteous direction and it will drag you slamming, whooping and hollering straight down the road to Hell without passing go or waiting around for any of those famously good intentions that it\’s supposed to be paved with. But you know what AC/DC said, right? Hell ain’t a bad place to be; especially when you’re in good company.  The Ugly Truths will set you free…  Tim Cundle

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