Brutal Bravo – Über Alles 7\” (Contra/ Longshot)

I\’ve seen this band name crop up a few times recently, more than enough to engage my interest, so thanks to the good fellas at Contra for following up Brutal Bravo\’s 2017 debut release with this brand new four track EP. These south German boys deliver four punches of hard as nails aggro-oi! No mess, no fuss, solid pounding upbeat tunes, a thick slab of guitar and throaty vocals that bring to mind The Detained or even a Last Rites-era Choke. I hear the punch and aggression that has been prevalent in many German oi! bands over the past 10-15 years, married with the simple melodies of a band like Bishops Green, especially on the track \”Left Overs\”. Killer! Tom Chapman  

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