Born From Pain – True Love (BDHW Records)

Born from Pain, one of Europe’s premier hardcore bands have returned to the fray with an early contender for album of the year. True Love is Born From Pain as we know and love them, but they’ve honed their sound and really taken it to the next level. It’s brick wall solid as you’d expect, but the Dutch crew have been braver with other parts of their sound that have previously remained in the background.  

Gluck Auf lays out there intentions, an instrumental track reminding you what they are all about before Antitown and New Beginnings smash you in the face with some NYHC inspired ferocity. With several line-up switches over the last few years, you’d be forgiven if the album seemed a bit disjointed, but at least from the outside, the transition has been seamless. The title track showcases that brave direction I was talking about without compromising their signature sound. Guitarist Dominik has been filling in for Madball recently and that has clearly rubbed off on him on Bombs Away, a track reminiscent of the New York hardcore masters. From the start,  Born From Pain have always worn their influences on their sleeves , citing Florida’s death metal scene as being just as important t them as anything else and that’s demonstrated on tracks like Suffocate and Unstoppable. Bookending the album with another instrumental, Marching To The Beat Of Death , closes the record out like a harder March Of The S.O.D with added harmony.

2018 was a stellar year for hardcore with the likes of Madball, Sick Of It All and Wisdom In Chains all releasing great material whilst Terror took it to the next level with their album and with True Love Born From Pain have laid down the gauntlet for 2019 with True Love. Any challengers…? Chris Andrews

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