Bilge Pump – We Love You (Gringo)

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Leeds 6’s purveyors of uneasy listening have been playing for well over two decades but “We Love You” is just their third album, following 2002’s “Let Me Breath” and 2008’s “Rupert The Sky”. I love how this band operates – they are the sole masters of their destiny and meander their way along regardless of time, space and sound. Having gone from being scorned by the media (an early review in the NME) to becoming recent radio darlings, maybe they’ve always simply been ahead of their time and slowly the rest of the world is catching up. Giving this an easy, accurate review is probably like trying to paint a fish out of water as there are constant twists and turns, time changes, irregular beats and guitarist Jo’s constant noodling. This might sound like hard work and at times it is, you really have to tune in to engage with the Bilge Sound. But perseverance pays off as you can get underneath the layers and let it absorb you. There are also moments of striking clarity as songs like “Me No Like” and “Wheel Of Yew” are catchy as you like and get under your skin right away. Don’t hold your breath for another album but enjoy life and dig the hell out of “We Love You”. Tom Chapman

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