Beast Commandos #1 & 2 – Roger Bonet Martinez (SelfPub)

As a nineties child I loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Sharks and all the animal superhero shows. So, when I saw a comic featuring ass kicking animals I had to give a go. The level of over the top violence is high, with Dark Shark beating an entire bar full of mercenaries without breaking a sweat being one of my favourite scenes. Despite being an action comic there is a clear storyline. Dark Shark is after Don Walrus but has met his match in a group of mercenaries and has to get the gang back together. The gang like the world they live in are references to nineties TV shows and it\’s an amusing parody including kung-fu disco turtles. The comedy doesn\’t stop there as Dark Shark has some great one liners like- Can it be Christmas twice in one day? No then I guess its Hanukkah.

However, I found the evil boss Don Walrus funnier with his shooting addiction which resulted in him using water pistols for health and safety reasons. That\’s not to say he isn\’t menacing with his evil plan and how he treats his employees but he\’s funny all the same like Dr Evil in the Austin Powers films. In short, the storyline and dialogue in the comic is basic but its action packed and amusing just like a 90s kids show. There\’s an amazing range of colour, sound effects and action panels to make the comic come to life. Then there are the character designs, straight out of the nineties with Dark shark having knives strapped to his boots, a golf chain skull, grenades on his shirt straps and a cigar in his mouth. Overall, this comic exploded with nineties awesomeness from the action to the pop culture references to the character designs. If you liked nineties animal superhero shows, you\’ll love this comic series.  David Jenkins

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