Battalions – Pure Humber Sludge (APF Records)


I guess names and titles really are everything, as Battalions fourth album is exactly what it says it is. It’s pure sludge. From the first note to the last, Pure Humber Sludge is a glorious celebration of drag-ass heavyosity that’ll pulp your skull and roll right over your twitching corpse. You want heavy? You want sludgier than the sludgiest of sludge metal?  You got it.

Hitting like a barely controlled armoured train driven by the Dukes of Nothing, EyehateGod and 16,  Battalions power through the fifteen monstrous dirges on Pure Humber Sludge without pausing for breath and don’t let up or take their foot off the gas for an instant. It’s brutal, it’s devastating, horribly infectious and, providing you’re not already dead or some kind of non-sludge loving freak, Pure Humber Sludge will carve a mile wide, shit-eating grin into your face. Praise be the sludge…  Tim Cundle

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