ANZI – Black Dog Bias

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ANZI – Black Dog Bias (Chemistry Music Enterprises)
The best industrial bands have that melodic, almost fragile, emotional twist. This can be heard with legends Killing Joke, hard­-hitting metal band Fear Factory, or Swiss underground heroes Young Gods. Apparently there\’s always the need for an organic component to make it more sincere, and more appealing to the human ear. ANZI is no stranger to that human side. Machine- like rhythms get paired with a soul to make all songs come to life. The title \’Black Dog Bias\’ is testimony to the heart of ANZI\’s music as it is a known phenomenon in animal shelters where big, black dogs are not often picked by new owners and as an effect have to be be put down. Still \’Black Dog Bias\’ isn\’t a sad record by any means. ANZI made sure there\’s enough to dance and sing on the album too, which makes it a great, varied album. Martijn Welzen

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