Anthrax – For All Kings (Nuclear Blast)

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Is a new Anthrax album really worth shouting about? Diehards will lap up its content without batting an eyelid; others (like myself) may take a little time to unearth its entire glory and true potential. On first listen ‘For All Kings’ isn’t an instantaneous hit.  It isn’t a thrash metal monster, but repeated plays reveal Anthrax have delivered a ‘grower’. Elements of the earlier old school sound and feel  are unquestionably present during the likes of ‘Evil Twin’, ‘You Gotta Believe’ and the monstrous metal behemoth ‘Suzerain’, and you can’t hide, or deny, the fact that ‘This Battle Chose Us’ has a very S.O.D. bass heavy intro. However, if it’s  ‘Gung Ho’ type madness you’re looking for, then album closer ‘Zero Tolerance’ might just make your week.. Anthrax have tried to go for a bigger sound on this record, typified by ‘Monster At The End’ and the poignant and cordial ‘Blood Eagle Wings’, and you know what, it does actually work for them. Joey Belladonna is in fine form; his vocals haven’t withered one iota and Scott Ian’s guitar riffs still buzz like a deranged power tool attack, ‘For All Kings’ is sixty minutes of solid Anthrax, and that, at the end of the day, is all that matters. Let’s mosh… Mark Freebase


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