Antagonizers ATL – Kings (Pirates Press)

After throwing out a teaser track towards the end of last year, here’s the much-anticipated new album from street punkers Antagonizers ATL. Somehow, with Harrington Saints exiting stage left recently, there is a gap to fill and I think these guys fit the bill perfectly. What makes this one special is the perfect blend of both UK and US sounds. Picking up the styles of The Business and co. but throwing in some rock’n’roll guitars that The Bruisers delivered with a flourish and those Rancid-esque meandering bass-lines.

There is more than a sly nod to Cock Sparrer on the title track or the 4 Skins on Hold On. Hold Strong as the band pays homage to the old brigade whilst keeping the sound fresh. There is also a depth to the songs that goes beyond the usual confines of the genre, for example the opening track Worries kicks things off with a stomping soul-inspired beat and an organ providing rich melodies. Big choruses and songwriting make this album a street punk essential for 2021. Tom Chapman

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