All Tied Up & Mass Movement present… “So Enthusiastic”

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Dave Palfreyman (Vocals/ Guitar) “This song is about the concept of being out at a club, taking a liking to a particular girl who spends the entire night undecided as to whether she likes you back or not. As the song develops on, the songs protagonists attitude changes towards the situation from trying to impress the girl to get her attention, to a kind of “whatever” feeling”.

Leebo (bassist)  “I really wanted to tag into the whole ‘this is me.. what you get is what you see’ vibe from the chorus. We wanted something simplistic and understated… we’re far from being ‘rockstars’ with egos and massive budgets – just four lads from Milton Keynes who love making music….. so,we wanted to capture that raw montage home recorded vibe… no airs and graces y’know? This is us.. what you get is what you see.”

All Tied Up will release So Enthusiastic as a download single on Friday 18th August. The band’s EP, Breaking Silence lands on 22nd September


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